Unique tanzanite bead necklaces

A little while ago I was sitting in my workshop in Jaipur playing with some stones when I saw tucked away at the back of the table a bag of extraordinary beads – graduated faceted tanzanite and aquamarine beads. Matching in graduation and matching in faceting. A truly exceptional collection. They went straight into my pocket.

I was working at the time on a tanzanite and moonstone ring and I realised that, instead of a ring, this combination would make the perfect clasp for these beads. So the ring was stopped and the clasp was started and here we have it! A unique necklace which I have never seen before and which I don’t think I could ever repeat.

Tantalizing Tanzanites

We’ve created bracelets and earrings in a number of different coloured stones but the tanzanite are a really wonderful blue stone, very beautiful and a really terrifically rich colour. Very wearable all year round but especially good for those wintery nights.

Engaging Diamonds

As you know, we have always worked in jewellery using semi-precious stones rather than the classical precious. Partly for the obvious reasons of cost but it does also mean that we are playing with colour and hue rather than simply cost and value. It would also be impossible to carry in my stock every diamond that might be required for every enquiry; we couldn’t hold stones of every weight and cut and quality. So, for that reason we have a small number of diamond-set jewels in our collections – and the diamonds are used for design or enhancement rather than as a rock of formidable quality.

But that having been said, I am asked a lot to help with classical diamond engagement rings and I am always able to find a diamond as and when it is needed. And to find a stone that fits the requirement of size and shape and, perhaps most importantly, budget. So. if you would like a ring or a pair of diamond solitaire earstuds or a single diamond in a pendant, do ask me for help and I can find exactly what you might want.

The ring that we are showing in this video uses Indian diamonds which are definitely not of the best quality. The centre stone is off colour and that is done on purpose. I find it far more interesting as a stone and it keeps the price down. And by having the cluster of diamonds going ACROSS the finger rather than DOWN the finger, I think it gives the whole ring a far more contemporary feel. And in the eardrops that are shown, we have used a cluster of diamonds in the circle in the drop rather than one single stone. That gives the same effect but keeps the price down.

So, please continue to be dazzled by the colours of the semi-precious stone world but do remember that I am very happy to find you a diamond – of ANY size!

The Cabochon Citrine and Citrine earrings

Citrine is the birthstone for the month of November well actually there are two stones, citrine is one or blue topaz or topaz is the other. Blue topaz is the more common of the topaz that is used now. For the citrine I want to show you this 18ct gold ring, and this is what is called cabochon and it does look rather like a delicious fruit gum. And that’s a really cracking citrine. You want to have some depth of colour in a citrine and of course with yellow gold it does look really rather fabulous. Then I also have here some very pretty small dainty earrings with rather smaller citrines just in yellow gold with small diamonds but very wearable and very pretty. We’ve started doing this as a design in lots of different coloured stones.